Saturday, November 27, 2010

Iron Fist Clothing

I am all about underground clothing lines and recently a certain one has caught my attention.. It is called Iron Fist Clothing and  their clothing and shoes are AMAZING!! This company is based out of Southern California and to my knowledge I don't know of a single store that carries it where I live in Northern California, but you can order on their website. Just recently I ordered my first Iron Fist hoodie off their website, and I was so stoked on the quality of the product!! Here is a picture of the hoodie I got: 

And here is a picture of me wearing it:

The quality of this hoodie is so good! The hoodie is very thick and warm... the print quality is immaculate, and it is definitely apparent that iron Fist pays close attention to detail... I now want everything on their website!!! Their shoes are amazing too! I want these so bad:
Check out this amazing clothing line, you won't be disappointed!!
NOTE: I am not affiliated with this company, I am a customer just like anyone else and this is my honest opinion! <3

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  1. Those shoes look amazing! even the fact they have their name on the soles! Love the red & Black! :) x