Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clip-in Hair Extensions...?

Today I took out my hair extensions.. and I feel like I am bald and have no hair!! I am sure it is all in my head... I probably just got so used to having long hair that it only seems like I have no hair... but it sucks really bad lol. I had my extensions sewn in and while I loved them, they were so much maintenance and I just didn't like how they felt.. I usually love when my husband plays with my hair, but with my extensions in I didn't even want him to touch my hair because I knew it felt so weird.. maybe I am just crazy, but this is how I felt.. so I took them out!

Now I am in the market for some quality clip-in extensions. I think I will like clip-ins much better because I'll be able to wear them when I want to ya know.. so anyone reading this, do you have any recommendations for clip-in extensions? Any advice on this is much appreciated <3

Monday, November 29, 2010

Not enough hours in the day!!

Mondays are my day off and today was a busy one.. I had so much I wanted to do! I got up at 8:00, ate breakfast, and immediately started cleaning the house. Jumped in the shower, got ready, and off I went... I got my nails done...  it is amazing how getting my nails done can do so much for my mood ;)

After my nail appointment I went to Target to get some Christmas decor.. I am in such the decorating mood! For the past few years we have done a blue & silver theme with our tree... this year I decided it was time for a change.. I found these beautiful purple/pink/silver ornament balls at Target and thought how cute would that color scheme be.. so I got them! Luckily I have a husband who doesn't mind me decorating our tree with such girly colors ;) I also got some really pretty purple ribbon that I am going to tie into bows on the tree.. I can't wait! We should be getting our tree this week so I will post pictures once we have it. 

I also got a wicker basket and a few random purple/pink ornaments. I had some smell good pinecones at the house and thought they would look cute in the basket with the ornaments placed in them.. I am pleased with the vision I had :)

After Target I went grocery shopping (which was much needed).. then came home, made dinner just in time for the hubby to get home, then ran back out and went tanning and went and got some Christmas sweaters for my puppies.. all they had left were mediums so they are a little big on them :( oh well though, still cute...

Busy day I had!! It's days like this though where I think that someday I wouldn't mind being a stay at home wifey/mommie ;) Until next time!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Iron Fist Clothing

I am all about underground clothing lines and recently a certain one has caught my attention.. It is called Iron Fist Clothing and  their clothing and shoes are AMAZING!! This company is based out of Southern California and to my knowledge I don't know of a single store that carries it where I live in Northern California, but you can order on their website. Just recently I ordered my first Iron Fist hoodie off their website, and I was so stoked on the quality of the product!! Here is a picture of the hoodie I got: 

And here is a picture of me wearing it:

The quality of this hoodie is so good! The hoodie is very thick and warm... the print quality is immaculate, and it is definitely apparent that iron Fist pays close attention to detail... I now want everything on their website!!! Their shoes are amazing too! I want these so bad:
Check out this amazing clothing line, you won't be disappointed!! http://www.ironfistclothing.com/
NOTE: I am not affiliated with this company, I am a customer just like anyone else and this is my honest opinion! <3

New Blogger

So I have always wanted to be a 'blogger'... and now I am finally doing it ;)
Even though it has taken me hours just to figure out how to add a custom header to my blog, I am hoping this becomes easier and less confusing!
My blog will focus on my life, fashion, product reviews, Makeup, Hair, etc. etc.
Come back soon!